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The Human Map

Available for tour

Three Foot Six, The Sunlander

Available for tour

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Gubbi Gubbi Gun'doo Yang'ga'man is a research and construction project that is seeing the skills and traditions of bark canoe making relearnt and reinstated by the Gubbi Gubbi people. 

A touring exhibition documents these activities and promotes the project’s national significance and value for the community.

Gubbi Gubbi Gun’doo Yang’ga’man

Available for tour

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From Here & There

Available for tour

    1. The exhibitions for the ASSI 150 SEQ program will explore the culture and heritage of the ASSI people and showcase their unique arts and crafts.

      1. Reflecting the ongoing vitality and diversity of the ASSI culture the exhibition will utilise innovative methods to present the mix of new and existing artistic and historic material.

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East Coast Encounter

Touring - 2015 to 2017

A multi-arts initiative involving some of Australia’s most original and respected Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, writers and songwriters to re-imagine the 1770 encounter and the two world views of the land.

Through his extensive travels, sound explorations and artistic collaborations Colin has developed an international art form with a distinctly Australasian character.

A synthesis of music, visual art and performance that embraces western experimentalism, folk music, improvisation, East Asian, Aboriginal and Pacific cultural influences. The Human Map is Colin’s latest visual art offering.

Leading Queensland photographer Glen O'Malley has a passion for trains and train travel. He carries early memories of trips from Brisbane to Townsville on the Sunlander.

Three Foot Six (Queensland's track gauge) is an exhibition of 45 documentary black and white photographs that capture the stories and unique character of Queensland’s train culture.